Kind Words

Robin Troy & Chris Dombrowski

Beargrass Writers Workshop

"Within the first week of having Charlie work on our website, we realized we had his name all wrong. Charlie Wybierala was only part of it. Charlie Lightening-Fast Razor-Sharp Whip-Smart Wybierala was getting closer to the full picture. Now that we've worked with Charlie for a while, we would add Wickedly Creative, Immensely Personable, Ridiculously Accurate and Enviably Intuitive to a moniker that is sure to keep getting longer with each project Charlie knocks out of the park for us. Thank you, Charlie, for all you do."

Joe Weston

Production Director

“Besides being a pleasure to work with and an all-around good person, he has brought an excitement and dedication to design that is infectious. His outside reading on the nuances of typography has made us question our status quo and implement changes which have made us a better publication."

Ruth Anderson

Anderson Bookkeeping

“You can give Charlie the barest minimum of direction and he will deliver imagery to fully realize the assignment. He is professional and imaginative.”

Brad Tyer


"From special section magazine layout to weekly newspaper covers, I’ve known him to be a consistently creative problem solver with a sophisticated design sense and, maybe most important in a deadline atmosphere, an unflappable attitude of competence and calm."

Kou Moua

Art Director

"His thorough knowledge of typography, color theory, Adobe Creative Suite and his keen attention to detail was a great advantage to our department and the overall appearance of our publication. Along with his undeniable talent, Charlie is also a dependable and hard-working colleague. He handles stress and tight deadlines well and always manages to encourage productive discussions and bring the best out of his fellow employees.”

Steven Verba

Chief Operating Officer
Delta Community Supports

"I learned more about graphic design and marketing from Charlie than anyone I’ve ever worked with. He consistently brought his numerous skills to projects and always added value for our organization and our clients. He is personable, passionate, and easy to work with."